I am Randy Anderson and I own and operate Anderson Painting. I am currently beginning my 39th year in the painting trade. I began my career back in 1978 in Great Falls, Montana. I have lived on the North Oregon coast since 1990 and have been in business since 1993. 

Over the years I have worked alongside many very good journeyman painters. At Anderson Painting I have taken some of their technical skills and knowledge and have incorporated them to form my own unique style and to come up with a quality system that is unparalleled anywhere on the North Coast. This is why at Anderson Painting we provide quality workmanship and use only top of the line products. We never compromise on craftsmanship, services or materials so that you, the customer, will receive only the very best in protective coatings. Here at Anderson Painting, we do not cut corners to save money.

From interior and exterior repaints, to new construction and commercial, you can be assured that when you have Anderson Painting complete your next project you will have the highest quality product currently available on the market.

At Anderson Painting we specialize in many different aspects of protective coatings. From fine finishes such as stains, lacquer, varnish, and enamels for interiors, to exterior stains, paint, elastomeric coatings, rust control, mildew control, and sealers for roofs, siding, and decks.

We pride ourselves for not only the proper application of these products, but also to the fact that when we are finished with your project, we are truly finished and are confident in not getting callbacks from our customers on something we missed or for product failure.

Remember, for your next painting project, no matter how large or small, there is only one clear choice… Anderson Painting.

Randy Anderson
Anderson Painting